Utah Property Management


What do Real Estate Investors want from their Utah Property Manager?

Utah real estate investors inevitably want to find the best Utah property management company to manage their income property.

Not only that, their Utah property manager needs to be as cost effective as possible. This is obvious, however landlords are currently under attack from “business as usual” by the Utah Property Management Industry.

Most rental managers will not disclose all of their fees until they have an investor at the table. These divisive property managers tack on onboarding fees, leasing fees, vacancy fees, and renewal fees to their advertised rate.

Not only that, most of our rivals also keep your late fees and up-charge you on maintenance done by vendors. They convince you that this is the “industry standard” and necessary for them to provide their service. They are lying to you or are horrifically inefficient.

You can be rest assured, Ashbrook provides full transparency when it comes to advertising our rate. See how we protect your cash flow.


Whenever our team meets with a Utah real estate investor, we initiate an equitable assessment on their entire holding portfolio. Through our performance measurements we determine what optimizations are necessary to accomplish our client’s goals.



Leasing is a dynamic process that inescapably determines the value of your investment property. Success in this strongly negotiated process requires focus in order to optimize your property’s capital appreciation, sometimes coming at odds with tenant interests.

Maintenance fees will impact the value of any Utah real estate investment. Ashbrook dials in these costs and structures an action plan that will help you achieve maximum gains in real estate appreciation, or provide you with the most consistent cash flow possible.



Ashbrook provides you with top-notch real estate marketing to get your property in front of eyes that count. Most importantly, we do it fast. This is because we NEVER miss a call, text, or email.

Our tenants are rigorously tested to meet the highest standards. We keep them clean to save you from expensive repairs, long turnover, and costly legal fees.



The days of snail mail are long gone. You will be able to login anytime for real time feedback on each of your properties.

Our administration strategy employs the most efficient systems available our fast paced environment. We address rent collection, turnover, property inspections, evictions, and more.



Every penny on your property is meticulously itemized and recorded. You’ll get a 1099 at the end of each tax season, plus monthly statements keeping you up to date along the way.

Don’t get onto the state’s radar. Insurance, housing, and tax laws can be complex. Our team diligently stays on top of compliance to keep you out of trouble.


Whether you own a single rental or navigate through a large holding portfolio, you need a management solution that takes care of the dirty work so you can focus on what you do best.

It’s easy to get started—you’ll be stress-free in no time.